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In partnership with Equestion - the equestrian learning app, we will be launching our incredible, brand new Riding Confidence course on AUGUST 15th, register here and you will be able to get early access and get the course!

With a over decade of experience helping novice and nervous riders, the interactive coaching course brings a combination of psychology based techniques and years of experience as a riding instructor to you in a unique and effective programme that is life changing! 

As someone who, myself,  has struggled with riding fears in the past, I understand how it feels to worry in the saddle. I want to help you enjoy riding and have amazing success with your horse. 

Register NOW to be one of the first to get access to the course, we'll keep you updated as we go!  

Here's what our test group had to say! 

Walked away with 5th place after our first dressage test Sunday. Never in a million years did I think we would EVER achieve this. No longer known as the ex racehorse who came to me only 7 months ago with absolutely no brakes. We’ve also just booked on to a show jumping clinic for the first week of June before our show jumping competition. So pleased with him. This group has helped so much and really helped me to focus on what’s important - Courtneyt

 I did my ride safe exam today and was feeling a lot more positive and confident - Phoebe

Had an amazing ride this evening and it was a real confidence boost!! From being scared of jumping 60cm+ uprights and doubles tonight we were jumping 75cm doubles and a full up 85cm upright!! We also had no run outs except from a silly excited moment which I was so proud of especially when we struggled with doubles!! - Caitlin

Aswell as a dislike of jumping in a arena I also dislike cantering in a arena and am much happier cantering on hacks out and open spaces . Canter on a circle for us is a big achievement, my instructor was so impressed with how much we have improved since our lesson 2 weeks ago. She was that happy with her way of going she said we could now introduce shoulder in in canter  - Zara

Very small step but rode my daughters horse today after she had a few days off , and while my daughter keeps telling me she’ll be fine with a few days off the reality is she is an amazing talented grade a show jumper who is currently competing so I worry however didn’t lunge her just hopped up (ok eased myself into the saddle from a mounting block!) and she was so kind even though it started to throw Hail stones at us now hoping to do small dressage test on her - Diana

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